Dental Insurance and Payment Options

Quality over quantity

Willard Dental is a Fee-for-Service dental practice. This allows us to utilize the highest quality labs and materials, rather than seeking lower-quality to meet cost restrictions placed upon in-network or participating providers by third party insurance companies. Our fees and services are not managed or dictated to us by your insurance company. Instead, we charge a fair and set rate that is usual and customary to our area. Our fair pricing allows Dr. Willard and you to choose the best procedures and methods instead of only what will fit into your insurance plan’s package.  Dr. Josh Willard believes the relationship and care he provides his patients is between you and your dentist, not your insurance company. You deserve the freedom to do what is best for your smile and overall oral health, and the decisions of treatments and care are a result of you collaborating with your dentist for the best possible options and outcomes. Dr. Willard provides you with an elevated level of care not limited by an insurance carrier’s contract as an out-of-network provider. We do not double or triple book patients, Dr. Willard gives you his undivided attention and time during your appointment.

your dental insurance

We accept most insurance as an out-of-network provider, to include supplemental dental insurance through Medicare plans. As a courtesy, we file your insurance claims on your behalf and do our best to maximize your benefits. We also manage all the paperwork and forms that are necessary to seek reimbursement for your plan’s coverage.

We do not accept HMO, DMO, Medicaid, exclusive provider networks or other dental discount plans, because these plans will only pay benefits to dentists of their choosing, not yours. If you choose to become our patient regardless of your insurance carrier, we are more than happy to treat you. We are upfront and honest with our costs. Should you require treatment we will provide you a detailed treatment plan to include all options and costs beforehand.

our Payment policy

All Preventative Care for patients with insurance, we will bill your insurance first. Any remainder of the balance will be your responsibility after insurance has paid. If you are a cash paying patient, payment is due at time of service. 

All restorative and cosmetic treatments 100% of your investment is due at your initial appointment. Patients with insurance, 60% of your investment is due at your initial appointment, we will bill your insurance as a courtesy and seek to maximize your benefits. Should your insurance not pay the full amount to cover your care, you will be responsible for the remaining balance. Should your insurance pay above the remaining balance owed we will reimburse you the difference.

We accept cash, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and CareCredit. Should you wish to find out more information about outside financing options we encourage you to explore both CareCredit or our Willard Dental Membership Club

Payment options:

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